Happy 2022! Train a child the way he should go...Prov 22:6

Volunteer Info

BMAHE Volunteer Job Descriptions

Family Activities:  want to set-up a board game night? Or gather a bunch of homeschool families to go Christmas caroling? These volunteers plan fun and sometimes eductional family activities.  Number of volunteers needed: 1+

Field Trips:  plan and attend 1 or more field trip during the school year. This entails setting up the field trip with the host location, sending the info to Steering to be posted on calendar, and attending the field trip as coordinator (arriving a few minutes early, greeting those attending & acting as point person between attendees and host location).  Number of volunteers needed: As many as are interested. More coordinators means more field trips.

Mentor:  answer questions, discuss curriculum and be resource and encouragement to homeschoolers. Most of this job is done via phone or social media, but could also include meeting for coffee and/or attending BMAHE events. Number of Mentors needed: 3+

Phy Ed: plan and lead physical activity events for homeschool kids. This can be as easy as setting up and overseeing a once-a-week kickball game, monthly nature walks or a cross-country-skiing meet-up. BMAHE has balls and equipment that can be used. Number of volunteers needed: 2+

Preschool Events:  plan and lead activities for kids ages 2-5 years-old. This could be coordinating a play-date at a playground or setting up field trips geared for younger crowd, etc. Number of volunteers needed: 2+

Science Olympiad:  assist the SO coach with team and events. May or may not have a child (grades 6-12) on the team. Competititions are in March and April but prep begins in October. Number of volunteers needed: 1-2

Spelling Bee:  plan and coordinate the annual spelling bee which takes place in Jan/Feb but prep begins in Oct. Also looking for those interested in helping at the bee. Number of Volunteers needed: 2-3

Other:  is there something you'd like to see happen in our homeschool community?  A class you'd like to teach? An event you'd like to coordinate?