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BMAHE Members' Library

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Donation Guidelines: 

To donate items, please email [email protected]


  • Published since 2000 OR is the most recent 2 editions. (e.g. Teaching Textbooks 2.0 is ok, but Teaching Textbooks 1.0 is not.)
  • Textbooks and teachers guides published since 2000 or the last 2 editions.
  • Not accepted: workbooks, consumables.


  • Fiction books IF they are part of a curriculum book list. (e.g. the "living books" needed for My Father's World Countries & Cultures)
  • Biographies and non-fiction books in good shape. (out-of-print may be okay)
  • Not accepted: board books, cookbooks, general interest type books. 

Homeschooling Helps:

  • Encouragement, how-to, and guides are acceptable. (e.g. "Teaching from Rest" or "Disconnected Kids" or "Cathy Duffy")
  • Not accepted:  curriculum catalogs or samples.

Tools & Resources:

  • Educational games, puzzles and manipulatives in clean, complete condition.
  • Educational DVDs in working condition.
  • Science tools such as experiment books, dissection kits, rock kits, chemistry kits in clean and working condition.
  • Identification (animals, plants, rocks, etc) guides and atlases.
  • Not accepted: art supplies, craft kits, consumables, animal specimens, chemicals, anything that can freeze or spoil.


Library Location:

300 1/2 North 12th Street -- on the corner of Thayer and 12th. Please park on the street or by the barn off Thayer. Please do not park in front of nor block the garages attached to the house.



Library Hours:

Library hours will be posted every 4-6 weeks. If you need to come sooner, please email us to set up an appointmen. 

Library Check-Out Guidelines:

Books, tools and resources may be checked out for 1 month (4 weeks). 

Curriculum may be checked out for 1 school year (36 weeks).

Some items such as the microscopes will have a deposit required for check-out. 

Please bring your membership card to check out items.