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Here you will find some helpful links regarding ND law, testing and support associations. Below the links is a helpful section for new homeschoolers by Nancy Larson, links to homeschool communities offered in the BisMan area, and other community programs of interest.

Helpful Links

North Dakota Century Code section on Home Education  (link to pdf document)

Statement of Intent to Home Educate (link to pdf document)

Standardized Testing (pdf document)

More Testing Info (pdf document)

Special Needs (pdf document)

The Homeschooling Adventure (pdf document)

North Dakota Home School Association (will open in new window)

Homeschool Legal Defense Association (will open in new window)

New to Homeschooling?

The BMAHE support group would be happy to help you in any way with any questions or concerns you have about home schooling.  Feel free to contact us using the information on the website.   

Nancy Larson, BMAHE coordinator 2008-16 and veteran homeschool mom, graciously prepared this getting started information:

ND Law

The following is a summary of the home schooling law in ND. 

 I recommend you go to www.ndhsa.org and order a "getting started" packet. It will contain useful information. 

1.  You need a high school diploma to home school.  (If you do not have a diploma or a GED you will need to be monitored for a two year period).

2.  Two weeks before you begin your home education program for the school year you need to submit a Statement of Intent to the administrative office of the public school district in which your child would be enrolled.  This form has your name, your child's name, grade level, etc.  The first time you send it in you need to submit a copy of your child's birth certificate and immunization record as well as a copy of your diploma.   They will keep these on file and you will not need to submit them again.   The Statement of Intent is not a form granting you permission to home school, it simply states your intention to do so.  We recommend you use the SOI that is posted on the BMAHE website or go to www.ndhsa.org and use the one listed there.  

3.  You may wish to administer standardized tests to your child in grades 4, 6, 8, and 10.  The public school is required to provide one for you (as well as a teacher to give it) if you request.  If you prefer to order your own test you can do so.  It must be administered by a ND certified teacher with the results sent to the school district.  The support group has several home educators who are teachers and give the test to families who need someone to do so. 

Testing Opt Out as it relates to NDCC 15.1-23-09: The 2017 legislature passed HB 1428 which allows parents with philosophical, religious or moral beliefs opposed to standardized testing to opt out of testing as required in grades 4, 6, 8 and 10. Academic requirements are no longer required by law. 

If you wish to opt out of testing for a given school year, you must indicate this on your Statement of Intent.

4.  You are required to file a statement of intent for a child aged 7-16 each year you homeschool.  The first filing should be done two weeks before your child turns 7. 


There are a wide variety of curriculum options to consider.  There are companies that provide a complete curriculum option such as ABeka, Bob Jones, Alpha Omega, Sonlight, My Father's World, etc.  Some companies offer a virtual classroom experience with DVD's or online classes.  There is a vast array of curriculum options available to meet the needs of each individual student and family.  

   Some excellent home school curriculum sellers are:  Christian Book Distributors (www.cbd.com), Rainbow Resource Center (www.rainbowresource.com), Heppner's Legacy (www.legacyhomeschool.com).  There are many others as well.  

Homeschooling Communities in Bis-Man Area

By clicking the community name, you will be able to email them and collect more information on their programs. These groups operate separately and independently of BMAHE and you do not need to be a member of BMAHE to participate.

Catholic Home Educators of Bismarck Mandan: Catholic support group offering social and learning activities for all ages. 

Catholic Schoolhouse: provides classical homeschool curriculum resources and musical memory work supporting the classical method with a Catholic worldview in a co-op setting.

Classical Conversations:  Classical Conversations seeks to equip parents as the primary educator to provide a Christian, classical education with high academic standards and a fellowship of like-minded families by offering K4-12 programs that cultivate the love of learning using the tools of learning based on a Biblical worldview in order to know God and make Him known.

Inspire Collective:   With the understanding that God is the center of life and the well from which we draw knowledge, education, encouragement and love we have developed this wonderful Projects Based Learning Community for kids ages 4-12 as well as nursery options.

North Dakota Secular Homeschoolers: Facebook group supporting secular homeschoolers in ND.

Wild+Free:  Wild + Free groups are for homeschoolers, nature lovers, and those who have simply resonated with this community and want to know more. No matter what approach you take - we're all in this together.

Community Programs

These are community programs that homeschoolers may find of interest though they are not specifically for homeschoolers. We do not endorse any of these programs but are providing this information as a resource to our homeschooling community. Links will open in a new window. If you know of other programs and services, please contact us.

Todd Fuehrer's Music Eduation: music class and choir led by a local homeschool dad. 

Apple of His Eye Art:  art classes led by a veteran homeschool mom.

Theo Art School Homeschool Art Classes:  monthly or bi-monthly art classes for elementary aged homeschool students.

Bismarck Mandan Youth Symphony Orchestra:  community youth symphony orchestra.

Open Gym:  held at various schools around town on the week-ends, open gym provides a place to play with other kids and families. Why not invite a few homeschool friends to join you?

Bismarck Public Schools Athletics: sports for grades 6 and up.

Preschool Play Dates:  sponsored by Bismarck Parks & Rec, these community play dates are for kids infant-5 years and their parent.

Toddler Splash Days:  Bismarck Parks & Rec invites you to come splash at the BSC Aquatic Center.

Preschool Skate Dates: free ice skating program for preschoolers and their parents.

Imagination Playground: have fun with Bismarck Parks & Rec's "playground in a box."

Bismarck Library Children & Teen's Activities: story times, game nights, Lego club, Teen center and more.

Mandan Library Children & Teen's Activities

Mothers of Preschoolers and MomsNext:  church-based moms connection group. Various groups, meeting places/times.

Bismarck Moms Club: moms connection group in Bismarck.