Merry Christmas Train a child the way he should go...Prov 22:6

TACOS and Bravos


BMAHE offers some excellent opportunities for our teen and young adult members.

TACOS stands for Teen Activity & Community Outreach Senate and is for members ages 12 through high-school senior. They meet a few times a year (check the calendar) to plan social events and outreach activities and are led by a peer-elected board much like a student council. 

Bravos is the group for alumni members ages high-school senior through age 23.  They meet for social activities, Bible study and other fun several times a year. 

Teens & young adults in both groups are welcome to attend BMAHE family events like the Back-to-School Bash. 

Both groups are chaperoned by a member of BMAHE Steering. 

Sometimes a social event will include both TACOS and Bravos. Mostly their events will be separate.